Education Service Center, Region 20 Conference Center Entrance

Technology Services

ESC-20 offers a wide range of services to help educational entities easily manage, support and maneuver the information technology world. We have the tools and expertise to provide top quality support at cost effective pricing. Our Technology Services include distance learning through videoconferencing for dual credit courses, access to the Texas Educational Telecommunications Network (TETN), live virtual programming as well as online technical training platforms. Also available is internet access as an e-rate provider along with cloud services, technical assistance and network services.

The goal of ESC-20's Technology Services team is to fulfill a vision of technology needs by helping districts have access to products and services at the most cost effective price.


Technology Services Liaison
(210) 370-5716
(210) 503-6545
Lupe Barba
(210) 370-5782
(210) 503-6548
Mike Garcia
Security Administrator
(210) 370-5740
(210) 503-6580
Paul Patillo
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
(210) 370-5793
(210) 572-7792
John Ramirez
Network Systems Manager
(210) 370-5782
Tom Grove
Network Architect/Engineer
(210) 370-5656
(210) 503-6501