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Digital Age Learning

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 Digital Age Learning logo featuring computer images and tagline Seamless, Purposeful Integration
TEA Technology Standards for Students, Teachers, Librarians and Administrators
“The state’s technology standards ensure that students, teachers, and librarians gain and apply critical 21st Century digital knowledge and skills.”

Digital Age Learning is committed to supporting educator and administrator growth in conjunction with the Texas Teacher Evaluation & Support System. From planning, instruction, and learning environments to professional practices and responsibilities, technology integration with a purpose will ensure the move from teacher-centered to student-centered classrooms.

The Digital Age Learning team provides training virtually, at your site, or at the service center. Site-based services include week-long summer camps for students or staff, formal classes, small-group instruction, lesson planning utilizing technology integration techniques, coaching, observations and model teaching. Services are customized to your campus and district needs.

In addition, classes are held at the Service Center and in districts including topics such as:

4 C’s and Technology Integration (Non-Google focus)

Blended Learning: Brick and Mortar meet Online Instruction

Bright Bytes, Technology & Learning, Clarity Survey

Computer Science is FUNdamental with (for elementary)

Digital Formative Assessment

Discovery Education

  • Discovering the Hidden Gems in DE
  • Discovery Education for Account Administrators (Setting up for Success)
  • Discovery Education, Clarity and the 4 C’s
  • Discovery Education to Support Struggling Learners & Differentiate Instruction

ePortfolios for Student Products: Showing Evidence of Student Growth

Explicit Instruction Using Graphic Organizers

Google Apps for Education

  • Modern Teaching with G Suite (Introduction to best practices in collaboration with Google Docs and Google Classroom)
  • Basics of Drive, Docs and Slides
  • Basics of Sheets and Forms
  • Collaborative Writing with Google Docs
  • Create a Flipped Classroom using G Suite and YouTube
  • Formative Assessment with Google Forms
  • G Suite Administration
  • Google Maps Across the Curriculum
  • Google Sites
    • Digital Portfolios for Student Success
    • Professional Reflective Practice with ePortfolios


  • iPads in the Early Childhood Classroom
  • iPads in the ESL Classroom
  • iSee, iHear, iLearn, iPad
  • iPads in Dual Language Classrooms

Technology in the ELAR Classroom

Technology in the Elementary Math Classroom

Video Game Design - Fostering Student Creativity in the Classroom

Virtual/Augmented Reality Integration in the Modern Classroom