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Orders and Pricing

It is ESC-20 Braille Services goal not to duplicate materials that are already available in Braille from another source. If applicable, requests for Braille translation services should include an ISBN, title and copyright year in order to perform a search for the material. If the material already exists in Braille, we will provide that information to the requestor.
All requests for Braille translation services will receive an estimated quote. Clients should provide a copy of the print pages with specifications in order to provide an accurate quote. If possible, a plain text or Word file of the print pages should accompany the print copy to expedite the translation process.
Braille Services carry a large archive of books already available in Braille. We also do custom orders to fit your specific Braille needs. For a quote on any of our services, please call 210-370-5679 or click on the Braille Quote Request form below, fill out, and submit via email.
Braille Services will provide you affordable solutions to meet your Braille needs.