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Monthly Product Highlight

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Navigating Digital Spending, Compliance, and Equity in a PostPandemic World - Digital Insight by Lightspeed

IT and Instructional Tech, play a key role in supporting digital learning in and out of school. With budgets shrinking and ESSER funding running out, districts need a systematic and reliable way to manage usage, data privacy, and help C&L make decisions on what to keep vs what to
discontinue during annual budget reviews.  Taking into consideration the growing impact of unequal off-campus connectivity, it is undeniable that districts need better real-time data to support effective digital learning initiatives. 


Join us for a discussion about how Lightspeed Digital Insight is the tool for the job.  Formerly CatchOn and now including our new Digital Equity module (the first ever comprehensive tool of its kind) districts now have instant visibility into device and internet access issues outside of school to ensure digital equity for all.

  • 100% visibility and reporting on application use.  Including known and unknown apps, on campus and at home.
  • Detailed reporting across the enterprise and down to the individual user.
  • 360 management process for approved and unapproved apps.  Vetting, Requesting, Internal Review and (Optional) Public facing list.
  • Identify Gaps in Student Data Privacy Policies of all approved vendors, including weekly updates on any policy changes.
  • ROI calculators on usage verses spending across paid apps in your environment.
  • Measuring and reporting effectiveness of professional development.
  • Contract management of paid applications.  
  • Analytics (updated daily) to help bridge the digital divide by reporting on school devices flagged for poor to low connectivity.


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We are thrilled to introduce you to Minerva EDU, the nation's leading K-12 risk management platform, poised to redefine how educational institutions approach cybersecurity and compliance. With a sharp focus on sustainable cyber compliance and real-time visibility, Minerva EDU is a game-changing solution that aligns seamlessly with the multi-faceted goals of ISDs and their IT budgets.

Recognizing the critical need for efficient allocation of resources, Minerva EDU offers a comprehensive cybersecurity suite designed to empower school districts with enhanced protection, streamlined compliance, and invaluable insights. Here's a glimpse into the groundbreaking features that set Minerva EDU apart:


  • Cybersecurity Suite: Minerva EDU provides a holistic cybersecurity approach encompassing a meticulously crafted policy template library, a perpetual cyber-risk assessment mechanism, and real-time visibility into your institution's cyber landscape.
  • Live Cyber Benchmarking: Pioneering a nation-first initiative, Minerva EDU's live cyber benchmarking assesses risk and identifies areas of potential overspending. This unprecedented feature empowers you to optimize resource allocation and enhance cybersecurity efficiency.
  • Historic Activity Archive: Minerva EDU establishes an invaluable historic archive, chronicling cyber activities and their impact to cyber maturity. This repository serves as a strategic asset for future decision-making and risk assessment.
  • User-Friendly Reporting: We understand the importance of clear communication within educational leadership. Minerva EDU generates easily understandable reports, aiding administrators, and school boards in making informed decisions to support your IT needs effectively.
  • Supporting Data-Driven Decisions: By automating risk management and compliance functions, Minerva EDU empowers you to make data-driven decisions that resonate with your institution's unique requirements and goals.
  • TEA Protection: Minerva EDU's impact reverberates across the Texas Education Agency (TEA), safeguarding over 1.5 million students and their ISDs. It ensures reportable compliance to TEC 11.175 and elevates cybersecurity standards across the board.
  • ESC 20 Collaboration: We are proud to offer the Minerva EDU platform to ISDs within ESC 20 at an unmatched price point. This accomplishment is a testament to the dedication and hard work of ESC 20 and its devoted team.


Minerva EDU doesn't just address cybersecurity challenges – it transforms them into opportunities for growth, efficiency, and educational excellence. We invite you to explore the limitless potential of Minerva EDU by engaging in a discussion/ demonstration tailored to TEA district's unique needs.


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The Linewize ecosystem is a unique response to the challenge of today’s connected learning environments. They align a series of products to help districts stay in regulatory compliance, get the most out of their purchased technology, keep kids cyber-safe at school, and impact your parent community by assisting them in raising good digital citizens.
Linewize has built, merged, and acquired technology solutions to create a united product suite with a singular
mission: to protect every child’s digital journey at school, at home, and everywhere in between.
Linewize combines world leading technology with world leaders in online safety education, IT administration, teaching and student safeguarding. Their aim is to help schools, students and families develop better digital habits and better communities.
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Many students struggle to manage feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, and grief. These facets of mental health affect students' behavior and academic outcomes, and without support and interventions, struggling students can also be at greater risk of violence, bullying, self-harm, and suicide.


Student services teams are eager to help, but it can be challenging to know which students have the greatest needs. That’s where Securly comes in. Securly is a student safety and wellness solution that provides unprecedented visibility into your students’ mental health and wellness. With Securly, you can proactively support students who demonstrate concerning behaviors, maintain a pulse on each student's wellness, and respond effectively to student safety concerns.


To learn more about how you can support your students' safety and wellness with Securly, check out the resources below:Securly Lunch and Learn flyer


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K-12 schools are the most popular targets of ransomware, compromising the privacy of thousands every year. SentinelOne protects faculty, students, and staff whether they’re learning on campus or from home.
SentinelOne is redefining cybersecurity by pushing the boundaries of autonomous technology. Singularity™️ XDR Platform encompasses AI-powered prevention, detection, response, and threat hunting across user endpoints, containers, cloud workloads, and IoT devices. Empowering modern enterprises to defend faster, at greater scale, and with higher accuracy across their entire attack surface.

Join us February 24, 2023, at our Cyber Security Summit. A SentinelOne Engineer will host a hands-on learning session on threat hunting and actions to take should you find a threat. SentinelOne Lab flyer

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Gaggle’s mission is to ensure the safety and well-being of students and schools by leveraging people and technology. Their vision is that all schools are safe and all students get the mental and emotional help they need.
Gaggle has been supporting student safety and well-being for more than 20 years. The pioneer in helping K-12 districts manage student safety on school-provided technology. 

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