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The School Support Services Team offers services, products, information, and solutions to sustain success and create change.
To support the development of effective schools that positively impact the community and change the world.
Services and Products
  • Effective Schools Framework Diagnostics 
The Effective Schools Framework is a tool that provides a clear vision for what districts and schools across the state do to ensure an excellent education for all Texas students. The ESF provides a resource for district commitments and campus essential actions focused on strong school leadership and planning, strategic staffing, positive school culture, high-quality instructional materials, and effective instruction.
  • Instructional Coach training and support
Everyone deserves a coach, especially our instructional coaches, and we have developed several training programs tailored to instructional coaches and aspiring instructional coaches.
  • Professional Learning Communities training
Build high-performing Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) that develop teacher leadership while focusing on student learning and continuous improvement.
  • Rigor training
Gain a true understanding of what rigorous instruction looks like, and explore ways to raise rigor for all students.
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Elevate20 is a cooperative offering synchronous and asynchronous professional development sessions for educational staff, covering four content areas and topics in technology, special programs, and parent engagement. These sessions cater to multiple grade bands and stakeholders.
Join Elevate20 now to enhance your skills and improve educational outcomes!