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Federal Program Planner

This Federal Programs Planner is intended to be a supportive tool for Directors working with Federal Programs in LEAs (ISDs and Charters). Each month, you will find that there are activities/reminders to be considered across programs;
    • Title I, Part A (TIA);
    • Title I, Part C (TIC);
    • Title I, Part D (TID);
    • Title II, Part A (TIIA);
    • Title IV, Part A (TIVA); and
    • Private Non-Profit (PNP).
As many of the programs overlap across years, activities and funds, we have color coded the calendar:
    • BLUE - considerations/actions for the current school year;
    • RED - finalize/wrap up the previous school year; and
    • GREEN - planning for the upcoming school year.
Additionally, there are three planning pages for each month as well as reminders and reflections.
At the end of the planner, you will also find a list of commonly used acronyms for this world of federal programs, grants and compliance.
For your convenience, this planner is available as a full page or 2 page per sheet download. It is also set up as a fillable document that can be typed on directly and saved.
As always, the Texas Education Agency Federal Program Compliance Division is here to support you and appreciates all the work you do in support of the children in Texas.

We hope you find this planner helpful in the upcoming year