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LEA Program Plan Resources

*New 10/24/23

This toolkit is designed to assist in the planning and review of the Local Education Agency (LEA) Program Plan. The Title I, Part A Capacity Building Statewide Initiative, as part of the Texas Education Agency, has developed this LEA Program Plan Toolkit to assist Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) in developing a successful LEA Plan, as well as meet federal and state requirements for Title I, Part A.

To use the toolkit effectively, it is suggested the person(s) responsible for the organization and planning of the LEA Program Plan development begin with reviewing the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) guidelines and the resources on the Title I, Part A Capacity Building webpage. All pages included in the toolkit are tools to use for planning and documentation purposes. These samples are not official forms, and they should be modified to fit the individual needs of each LEA. All requirements for schools receiving Title I, Part A funds can be found in Section 1112 of the Every Student Succeeds Act.

*The Texas Education Agency offers training on LEA Program Plan - please refer to the TEA Statewide Series Training webpage for training dates and /or past presentations already posted.