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School Discipline Resources

About School Discipline Resources
Access a comprehensive suite of school discipline resources designed to empower educators in maintaining safe and respectful learning environments. From policy development to practical tools, we support your efforts in implementing effective discipline strategies. Contact us to discover resources tailored to your school's needs.
Our Services
  • Comprehensive policy development support
  • Best practices for handling various disciplinary issues
  • Training modules for staff on effective discipline strategies
  • On-demand access to a wide range of discipline tools and materials
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Student Discipline - TEA
Texas public schools are required to develop and enforce various student discipline policies that follow Texas Education Code and federal law, including a student code of conduct outlining disciplinary actions taken based on student behavior.
State resources on legal issues regarding student discipline
Many legal issues surround the area of discipline and students with disabilities who are involved in disciplinary actions. Chapter 37 provides specific guidelines on what actions are appropriate to take while honoring a student's legal right to a free and appropriate public education (FAPE).
The purpose of the project is to provide and maintain an updated web-based platform to assist stakeholders such as local eduational agencies (LEAs), advocates, and parents in learnig about state and federal laws and regulations by providing rich resources regarding obligations and rights for the provision of a free and appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment to students with disabilities.
Per House Bill 1952, the Leadership Development Team provides training to cover requirements for principals and/or other administrators, who oversee student discipline, to attend professional development training regarding school discipline laws at least once every three years to include distinctions between a principal’s discretionary discipline management techniques and a teacher’s discretionary authority to remove a disruptive student.