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School Discipline Legal Resources

Questions and Answers On Discipline Procedures:

These Q&As are not intended to be a replacement for careful study of the IDEA and the implementing regulations thereof.  The IDEA, implementing regulations, and other important related documents are found at this site.  The Q&A document below was reviewed 2019.

State resources on legal issues regarding student discipline.

Many legal issues surround the area of discipline and students with disabilities who are involved in disciplinary actions. Chapter 37 provides specific guidelines on what actions are appropriate to take while honoring a student's legal right to a free and appropriate public education (FAPE).

Discipline Flowchart On-line Training

Disciplinary Alternative Education Program  (DAEP)

DAEP Administrator Network: A group of administrators gather together to discuss ideas, questions and concerns for the students in this type of setting. Click HERE to go to our DAEP web page.