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Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)


PBIS is a framework for preventing problem behavior and supporting the social, emotional, behavioral, and academic needs for all individuals in all learning environments. There is extensive research that states this comprehensive systematic approach demonstrates that a positive, consistent school-wide climate can eliminate many of the discipline problems which occur in schools.
The PBIS framework allows for sharing a wide range of behavior strategies and prevention-based interventions at the universal (school-wide), targeted (classroom or group), and intensive (small group or individual) levels.  Decisions made are based on data collected that will identify the needs of the campus or district. 


PBIS Resources:

PBIS Policy Brief - Economic Cost Comparison: Find out what the "cost of implementing school-wide positive behavior intervention supports is in comparison to the benefits from reducing suspensions...."

The U. S. Department of Education's Office (DOE) of Special Education Programs (OSEP) is the funding source of the Technical Assistance Center that provides assistance to schools, districts and states build capacity for implementing positive behavior intervention supports.  Through a multi-tiered system of supports, Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), improves social, emotional, behavioral and academic skills students require in order to learn, feel safe, and be successful in school.  

Association For Positive Behavior Support - The Association for Positive Behavior Support is an international organization dedicated to the advancement of positive behavior support and holds a national conference each year.
Character Education Resources - This site has plenty of resources for use in teaching character education.
Foundations for Safe, Civil, and Productive Schools - One of the most comprehensive, data-driven, and positive models for change in school-wide climate. Written by Randy Sprick and published by Sopris West.
Working with students who exhibit persistent inappropriate behaviors can be one of the most challenging jobs. Behavior improvement in these students is possible with strong commitment from school professionals and varied resources to help support those who work with these troubled youth.

Interconnected Systems Framework

The Interconnected Systems Framework represents a proposed and developing interconnection of PBIS and School Mental Health systems to improve educational outcomes for all children and youth, especially those with, or at risk for developing mental health challenges.

Specialized Individual Student Interventions

A FREE web-based resource guides the user through student-specific behavior interventions.  Utilizing Intervention Central provides resources (at no charge) to help students who are struggling academically and behaviorally.  Click here for more information on Intervention Central for more information.

Tough Kid Book and Toolbox

Written by William Jenson, et al, and published by Sopris West, this book provides practical, positive strategies for dealing with tough behaviors.