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Title I, Part A

Title I, Part A – Improving Basic Programs Operated By Local Educational Agencies—of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), as amended by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) of 2015, provides supplemental funding to state and local educational agencies to acquire additional education resources at schools serving high concentrations of students from low-income homes. These resources are used to improve the quality of education programs and ensure students from low-income families have opportunities to meet challenging state assessments. Title I, Part A schools implement either a Schoolwide program or a Targeted Assistance program. Both Title I, Part A models — Schoolwide and Targeted Assistance — use evidence-based methods and instructional strategies.
Region Name Email Address
1 Gracie Avila (PFE) [email protected]
1 Tammie Garcia [email protected]
1 Manuel Salinas [email protected]
2 Valarie Buhidar [email protected]
2 Cristina Sandoval [email protected]
2 ESC 2 State and Federal Programs [email protected]
3 Kenda Matson [email protected]
3 Donna Janda [email protected]
3 Laura Longoria [email protected] 
4 Dolores Trevino [email protected]
4 Robin Ross [email protected]
4 Danette Thornton [email protected]
4 Lisa Ratcliff [email protected]
5 Jamie Barron [email protected]
5 Jennifer Smith [email protected]
5 Brenda Thompson [email protected]
5 Stacey Hughes [email protected]
5 Lisa Yoes [email protected]
6 Lauren Hodge [email protected]
6 Jayne Tavenner [email protected]
6 ESC 6 [email protected]
6 Maribel S. Perez [email protected]
6 Kristie Pacher [email protected]
7 ESC 7 [email protected]
7 Kerri Brice [email protected]
7 Angela Clark [email protected]
7 Viki Sparks [email protected]
7 Michele Mangrum [email protected]
7 Leslie Dowdle [email protected]
7 Courtney Thomas [email protected]
8 Leonard Beles [email protected]
8 Codi Grubbs [email protected]
9 Kara Fluty [email protected]
9 Kathy Harvey [email protected]
9 Kathy Scherler [email protected]
10 Abigail Hobart [email protected]
10 Vanessa DeLacretaz [email protected]
10 Ashley Westbrook [email protected]
10 Karla Beltran [email protected]
10 Sara Reeves [email protected]
11 Christie Miller [email protected]
11 Gretchen Kroos [email protected]
11 RJ Rodrigue [email protected]
11 Kelli Crain [email protected]
12 Ellen Hogan [email protected]
12 Carie Downes [email protected]
12 Yolanda Rollins [email protected]
12 Dwan Pickens [email protected]
12 Danielle Hughes [email protected]
12 Erica Serrato [email protected]
12 ESC 12 [email protected]
13 Jennifer Hranitzky [email protected]
13 Melinda Marquez [email protected]
13 Sherry Harris [email protected]
13 Kerry Gain [email protected]
14 Zan Wilson [email protected]
14 Kayla Swanzy [email protected]
14 Emilia Moreno [email protected]
14 Carrie Atchison [email protected]
15 ESC 15 [email protected]
15 Tami Knight [email protected]
15 Mercedez Rassi [email protected]
15 Monica Diaz [email protected]
16 Chris Nies [email protected]
16 Vickie Ansley [email protected]
16 Mindy Milbern [email protected]
16 Daphne Nazworth [email protected]
16 Susan Poteet [email protected]
16 Johnette Striblin [email protected]
16 Genna Stotts [email protected]
16 Nathan Maxwell [email protected]
16 Shannon Lang (PFE) [email protected]
16 Shannon Elliott (PFE) [email protected]
16 Matthew Chavez (PFE) [email protected]
16 Krystal McCune (PFE) [email protected]
16 Kimberly Parnell (PFE) [email protected]
16 Kenzie Roberts (PFE) [email protected]
17 Camie Holcombe [email protected]
17 Francisco Rodriguez [email protected]
17 Linda Musquiz [email protected]
18 Amanda Magallan [email protected]
18 Priscilla Salgado [email protected]
18 Erin Casey-Richardson [email protected]
19 Nicole Morales [email protected]
19 Barbara Amaya [email protected]
19 Allen Haynes [email protected]
19 Natalie Spalloni [email protected]
20 Alexis Gutierrez [email protected]
20 Jamie Goodwin (TICB) [email protected]
20 Carrie Helmke [email protected]

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