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What is Texas School Ready?
Texas School Ready is a comprehensive preschool teacher training program combining a research-based, state-adopted curriculum with ongoing professional development and progress monitoring tools. The goal of this program is to help children be better prepared for school.
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Preschool teachers enrolled in TSR Comprehensive take part in a comprehensive teacher training program designed to help children be more prepared for kindergarten and beyond. 
TSR Comprehensive Program focuses on the following four components
Four Main TSR Components
Teachers can participate in the TSR Comprehensive program through one of two models: 
Side-by-side coaching
Teachers film themselves teaching a lesson and remote coaches give them feedback and support through the online TSR platform.
Professional Development Overview
The benefits of participating in the TSR program:
  • Multiple research studies have confirmed that Texas School Ready positively impacts teacher instructional practices in the classroom, regardless of setting (public school pre-k, Head Start, and private child care classrooms).
  • Teachers show increases in their use of language-building strategies, including the quality of book reading, general conversations with children, and the use of oral language instruction to build these skills.
  • Teachers also show better responsive teaching practices, organization of their centers, and the use of lesson plans.
Randomized controlled trials (RCTs) conducted by researchers at the Children's Learning Institute on the effectiveness of TSR Comprehensive are published in peer-reviewed journals after undergoing rigorous evaluation by independent experts in the field. 
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In May 2019, Education Service Center, Region 20 was announced as a TSR Comprehensive Lead Agent for 2019-2021.
In order to receive TSR Comprehensive services, the following eligibility requirements must be met by all educational organizations: 
Independent School Districts (ISD) Partners:
  • Open-enrollment Charter School IF partnered with child care or Head Start
  • Pre-Kindergarten IF partnered with child care or Head Start
Child Care Partners:
  • For profit/Nonprofit
    Faith Based
  •  Community Based
  • All childcare programs must be in good standing with Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.
  • Programs must be serving at least 50% at-risk children meeting Eligibility Requirements for State-Funded
  • Prekindergarten (see below) and/or at least 50% children eligible to receive Child Care Management System (CCMS) funding.
    The participating classroom must have (and maintain) a minimum of six (6) students in a participating classroom.
  • The students must be at least 3 years of age on or before September 1 of the implementation year. ** Participating schools receive increased reimbursement rates for preschool children while participating in TSR (check with TWC local board postings).
If your educational organization meets all the eligibility requirements and is interested in receiving TSR Comprehensive services from Region 20, click the button below to join our waitlist. 
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