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STEM@ESC-20 was designed to foster the cultivation of leadership to design and develop comprehensive STEM cultures that encourage collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and innovation, and communication among students. We provide opportunities for our districts to become a part of a collaborative STEM community that shares best practices and builds strong systems of support for 21st Century learning. Our team provides a robust menu of professional growth opportunities that include STEM Leadership Development, Project Based Learning to design authentic experiences for students, Digital Learning, Instructional Coaching and Technical Assistance that may be customized to reach district and campus goals.

Whether you are looking for face-to-face training, online courses and customized professional development pathways ESC 20 has a solution for you!

STEM Support Services

The Face-To-Face Professional Development at ESC-20 provides STEM teachers from different districts the opportunity to collaborate and network while learning new skills and content.

STEM is captured in everything we do. 
STEM Cooperative
Texas EcosySTEM in partnership with the Alamo Ecosystem


Naomi Woods
(210) 370-5603
Jessica Nombrana
Consultant, STEM
(210) 370-5434
Miriam Martinez
Digital Age Learning Consultant
Susan Reeves
Digital Age Learning Consultant


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