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Community Resource Coordination Group

Community Resource Coordination Group (CRCG) is a multi-agency group comprised of public and private child-service providers that meets on a regular basis to review service needs and provide limited case management services for students who have multiple personal and family needs. These needs, which adversely affect their ability to benefit from the educational program, are best met through interagency cooperation.
The Bexar County CRCG meets every second Tuesday of each month from 9:00 AM-12 PM. CRCG meetings are hosted by AACOG building at 8700 Tesoro Dr. San Antonio, TX 78217.
For information on CRCGs outside of Bexar County, please visit the state CRCG website.


CRCG Resources

For Coordinated Services to Persons Needing Services from More than One Agency - Revised February 2018
2020 Bexar County Chairperson:

Chatone Strickland 
Contact Chatone Strickland


2020 Bexar County CO-Chairperson: Brenda Orozco


Due to COVID-19 2020 CRCG meetings are held virtual.  

2020 CRCG meetings are held at 

AACOG Building 

8700 Tesoro Drive Suite 160

San Antonio, TX 78217


Email completed form to Bexar County Chairperson.  Chairperson will contact you and confirm your referral for the next CRCG meeting.